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Case studies
PRINT AUDITINGThe saving to achieve is up to a 40% of your actual printing costs. That means from 2% to 3% of the total company’s annual revenue. If we include labour costs, we can save up to 5% of the revenue.

We analyse deeply your company to generate a proposal to reorganise it. This will allow you to save costs and optimise your business productivity. This audit is done individually, although following a strict method.

This proposal is a long-term complete document management strategy itself, so that in case of implementing, is a sourcing guide to negotiate with your actual providers.

Your company will know what devices to keep, relocate, replace, their configurations, places to install or relocate into the offices, as well as their cost and the savings you must get across your vendors.

MANAGED PRINT SERVICES/ OUTSOURCING“¿Do you want to assure your costs and clean up your IT structure?"

PPM can manage your actual fleet, with the vision to improve in its utilisation and performance.

We will ensure about the Service Level Agreement achievement in terms of response time, service quality as well as replacement of underused devices to improve it performance and profitability.

PPM can also manage the installed fleets after the implementation of a solution covering your new and used